Sample proposal statement of work with group


Strengths: This project was graded 50/50 and Dr. Pace pointed out that she enjoyed the discretion advisory part of the project. Our team worked well together for this class. It was a nice introduction to a real-world application of industrial/organization psychology.

Working on: Building professional language that will appear suitable for both the employer-view and relevant consultant team.


Sample proposal consulting project with group


Strengths: Having experience in building a survey with no prior training was a learning experience for the group. Our professor, Dr. Chetta, commented that we did a good job in asking demographic questions about where people worked. This highlights specific departments/employee groups where results can be delivered. We were able to also group the questions into sections and give specific instructions on how one should think when taking the survey.

Working on: Some feedback we got from Dr. Chetta included modifying response choices and questions to avoid survey fatigue. He also suggested that we proofread to ensure relevant questions are all mentioned and described in the proposal. We would also be mindful to add a couple open response items to gather data on notable improvements and company culture. Dr. Chetta suggested that we could benefit from adding references and theoretical insight into how responses on certain items can help design training, improve reward system, and utilize executive coaching to address the specific problems we are addressing.