clean the world

hospitality & service

My front desk team at Orange Lake Resort took a trip to volunteer at Clean the World. Working at a country club resort, we are aware that more than likely our company is contributing to the buildup of product waste that could be used instead and distributed to those in need. Our team gathered on our days-off to help sort through recycled soap and hygiene products from over 8,100+ hotel and resort partners. The kits are to be delivered to impoverished families, with the mission to prevent the millions of deaths and illnesses that are caused by unhygienic practices. Our team has made a few trips to Clean the World in Orlando and continues to create this community service as a recurring event. This experience combined my passion for service and my passion for the hospitality industry.

Since I want to stay in the hospitality industry, I will propose this service idea for the next organization I work with. Not only was this a great team-building activity but we also made a difference in the world. Since my goal is to work in Talent Development in Human Resources, I will suggest this as a team-building exercise and team social.