UCF Arboretum

Environmental Awareness

I originally signed up to volunteer at the UCF Arboretum to fulfill a service-learning requirement for an environmental studies class. Involving myself in real-world application of the coursework has been the best experience as I found myself growing passionate as I learned more than just reading a textbook. The shift leader would start with ice-breakers with the group and then we would get to work based on the area of focus. From weeding invasive species to propagating around the pollinator gardens, the work was endless. After just a couple hours of hard work every shift, we would notice a drastic difference each and every time. The group of volunteers often engage in conversation with Arboretum interns regarding sustainability, harvesting, greenhouse activity, and native Floridian insect/plant life. Creating connections between the course material and the conversations with my peers helped me build a greater understanding of how I can make an impact on the world through sustainable behavior.

Learning about the environment and sustainability has changed my perspective on lifestyle choices.